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Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Last Spread The Love Video

Our AMAZING six month journey Spreading The Love with Matrix is coming to an end. We have learned and seen so much of this beautiful industry and we are so thankful that we had this priceless experience. Thank you to everyone who was involved... whether you are in the Matrix headquarters in NYC, one of the stylists or students we got to know, a client that let us make you feel beautiful, or one of the talented Matrix educators; thank you for touching our lives and helping us touch others. Our tour may be over, but you will be seeing a lot more of STL 2012 in the years to come! XO

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ombre Obsession

Everyone is obsessed with ombre and it's a trend that is here to stay. However, the traditional ombre, where your hair color gradually goes from dark to very light on the ends, isn't for everyone. Now, there are new ombre techniques coming out to personalize ombre for everyone. Many people are doing a lot less drastic versions so that they are more natural and "office friendly" for professionals. The more edgy ombre lovers are even doing something called "reverse ombre" where their color goes from light to dark on the ends. I consider myself to be somewhere in between the very edgy and the office professional so I used a new ombre technique on my hair. My co-worker and I learned this ombre technique from Matrix Artistic Director, Ammon Carver, and decided to try it out. I think it is softer and more wearable than the traditional ombre. Ask your stylist to customize your ombre to your lifestyle just like they should with any hair color service.

If you live in Arizona, you can call and make an appointment with me at Moda Forte Salon in Scottsdale! Call 480-419-MODA(6632)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An All American Mani

I tend to use every holiday as an excuse to have fun with my nails... this Independence Day was no exception. The best part is, after I instagrammed, facebooked, pinned, and tweeted my manicure, people were coming up to me showing me that they went and got their nails done the same way! Imitation is the best form of flattery and if I can spread a little American pride through cute nails... I'm all for it! Here is my 4th of July nail flare...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peek: It's not even out yet, but I found the BEST new oil!

Oils for your hair are the hottest thing on the market right now! However, so many of them are missing something or have a little too much of something and look heavy and greasy. You might be wondering why Biolage hasn’t come out with an oil, but let me tell you, be patient because perfection takes time! We pulled some strings and got ahold of the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil before it is even available. This is one of those times when I wish you could reach into the screen and feel my hair before and after it is styled using Exquisite Oil because it literally went from straw to silk. Watch how just using the Exquisite Oil alone transforms my hair. Now I might not survive without it until it’s available!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tool Talk: Texture Tools with Andreas Hogue

Texture is all the rave right now and Andreas knows how to get it. He shows us three different tools to create various patterns in the hair. Enjoy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Can you guess which side of my hair I used Matrix Total Results Silk Wonder on?

It was a little humid out today in Baltimore so I needed something quick and easy to conquer my frizz! I worked a little bit of Matrix’s Total Results Miracle product, Wonder Sleek, gradually from my ends to my mid-strand and even smoothed a little over the top of my head. I only got the chance to put it on one side of my part when I caught myself in the mirror and realized how big of a difference Wonder Sleek made compared to the side where I had not yet applied it! It made my hair shiny, smooth, and made my color look richer and more vibrant. It also made my hair feel super soft and not greasy at all!
I had someone snap a picture before I put any on the other side so I could show everyone how much better that one side looked! Can you tell which side got the royal sleek treatment and which side was still looking thirsty?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

America's Beauty Show in Chicago!

We were in Chicago at America’s Beauty Show and it felt like we died and went to hair heaven! Everything a hairdresser could ever want and need all in one giant room. We had so much fun seeing new techniques, products, and tools. Here is a little taste of ABS Chicago 2012!

The 2012 Stylist Choice Awards!

We were fortunate enough to be there for one of the most celebrated nights in the beauty industry… The Stylist Choice Awards! It was such an exciting night for us and the rest of the MATRIX Family, who went home with prestigious awards including “Favorite Overall Professional Products Company”! We even got to present an award among some of the biggest names in the industry! What an honor! When are we going to wake up from this incredible dream world??? Somebody pinch us! :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Watch our video to see how we raised over $2,000 for Lilly at Vickies Salon!
Lilly is a beautiful second grader in Illinois. Unlike other children her age worrying about school,  Lilly has the battle of a lifetime ahead.  Lilly was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. Her mother has taken a medical leave to take care of her child…they would appreciate all the love the you can spread their way. A fund has been set up at the local bank for you to make donations. If you’ve caught the Love Bug the fund’s information is below. 
Love for Lilly
C/O Wauconda Community Bank
495 W. Liberty Street, Wauconda, IL 60084

Andreas Hogue Color Challenge! Natalie and Meredith Conquer Corrective Color

Andreas and Ashley Hogue invited us back to their beautiful salon for a color class! Not only did we have a great time, we learned so much about every Matrix color line. Our challenge was to take one mannequin that had four different problems (one section was too brassy, one was over 50% grey, one was too dark, and one was way too light) and make them all match. Our goal was to make each quadrant a 6N and we came pretty close!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

HairSpa Spreading The Love

Indiana’s 2012 Matrix Spread The Love Salon, HairSpa, invited their guests to have a free pamper service with every salon service to encourage them to donate money to Relay for Life. They also ran a special on all Matrix products and gave all proceeds from product sales to Relay for Life. HairSpa will continue to be involved with Relay For Life; at the actual relay, the owner, Mendi, will perform a blind folded haircut! HairSpa has had several other events benefitting charities such as a cut-a-thon to donate hair to Angel Hair, fundraisers for Cutting for The Cure, and they have their very own in-salon wig bank! Keep up the good work HairSpa!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Do You Know About Diversion?

I always wondered why there were professional salon products in the grocery stores, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and other places that are not professional beauty supply stores or salons.
Are they real? Why are they usually more expensive than in salons? Why is the packaging sometimes different? Why are they there?
I have been learning a lot about this issue called “Diversion” and all of my questions are answered! I can finally walk through Target in peace (except for the fact that I want to put bright yellow CAUTION tape across all the professional products!) Tell all your friends, family, clients, etc. how important it is to buy professional hair products and only in salons and professional beauty supply stores. Tell everyone not to assume that shampoo at Wal-Mart is cheaper than in the salon because it is not. If it does appear cheaper in price it is most likely expired or tampered with.
I found a Matrix poster that explains everything very well! This is what it says:

DID YOU KNOW… That when you purchase salon products at food, drug, and mass retailers…
-The average price for a bottle of Matrix shampoo or conditioner is generally more than 15% higher than salon retail prices.
-Products may not be authentic– product quality is guaranteed ONLY when purchased in the salon.
-Products may be older than the recommended shelf life.
-They may not carry the product you need for your specific hair type.
TRUST US. As salon professionals, we know your hair and will recommend the best products for your hairstyle.
Buy MATRIX (and other professional products) ONLY in the salon.
REPORT DIVERSION: 1-800-503-3997

"Cut It Out" with Xenon International Academy

Xenon International Academy in Wichita, Kansas, invited us to participate in a cut-a-thon to raise money for “Cut It Out”, which is an organization for hairdressers against domestic violence! We had so much fun cutting for a great cause with everyone at Xenon!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wiggin' Out For The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society provides wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, whose side effects cause hair loss. The wigs are donated to the Society from past survivors, wig stores, Pantene, and anyone who can donate a wig. These wigs are held at distribution centers where a volunteer trained professional fits each patient with a wig. These centers don’t have the capabilities to clean and style the wigs or distribute them. This is where All About U Salon stepped up and helped out! They cleaned, dryed, and styled 145 wigs in one day; talk about team work! These lovely ladies put their hearts and souls into making these patients feel better about themselves. The American Cancer Society said they have to wait till a local school could clean and prepare the wigs once a school term. All About U made it possible for them to distribute more wigs quickly. Patients can now choose from a much wider selection of wigs than on the Wall of Hope. Talk to your local American Cancer Society volunteer to see how you can help out. Their programs such as, look good feel better, knots of love, and the wig distribution center run entirely on volunteer work so help is always needed.

Operation Backpack

Currently, Operation Backpack provides about 400 food bags a week for at risk or low-income children. They deliver these packs to four different schools every Friday to ensure that the kids have something to eat during the weekends while they are not at school. The Kansas Spread The Love Salon, All About U, has been collecting food donations for Operation Backpack. The organization was so thankful to receive a large donation and is also excited that All About U Salon will continue to contribute. All About U will volunteer time to personally hand out backpacks and plans on putting together personal hygiene backpacks for 400 children with the help of Matrix and local businesses to send home with kids before summer break. Contact Theresa Gartner of Operation Backpack (785) 286-1370 for ways to help.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Natalie & Meredith's Re-cap of the 1st Part of Our Journey

It has been a little over a month since we began our quest to Spread the Love through hairdressing around the country! Here is a short recap of the beginning of our journey through New Orleans, Southern California, Michigan, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Oklahoma! Enjoy! Also, don’t forget to check out our blog at

Head-To-Toe Makeovers for 3 Women's Shelters in Nevada

Nevada’s Spread The Love Salon, Xpressions, put together an event where 3 different women’s shelters were invited to get pampered for a day. We had so much fun getting to know everyone and helping out! The best part of the day was seeing these women’s “Xpressions” change as they got manicures, pedicures, facials, haircuts, and styles that made them feel beautiful!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky Locks! How To: Get St. Patty's Day Curls

In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, we decided to ditch our usually smooth hair and get some texture and curl! Think about the curls you see in River Dance and Lord of the Dance! We will show you how to get a more modern version of that curly hair using the best curly hair products on the market, the total results curl line. This product line also happens to be in the GREEN packaging; how perfect! This "How To" is for everyone because Meredith will demonstrate with her naturally straight hair, and Natalie shows you how to get the best result for naturally textured hair. You might even get to see a little Irish Jig! Enjoy and Happy St. Patty's Day!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Haircut Day at Daybreak Homeless Shelter in Joliet, IL

Watch how big if a difference we (with the support of Matrix and lots of help from local volunteers) made on these people just by giving them haircuts! :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tool Talk: Colorist's, Do You Use a Whirly Ball???

When I walked into Andreas Hogue’s 2012 Spread the Love Salon, I was surprised to see this contraption. This is a wonderful tool for all the colorists out there! Check out the video to learn more…

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneak Peek! A brand new blowdrying tool from BioIonic

We were lucky enough to meet the adorable Artistic Director for BioIonic, Vasi, who showed us a brand new tool that will make your blowdry so much easier! It hasn’t even come out yet and MATRIX was the first to know about this fabulous new technology. I don’t even know what to call this revolutionary styling tool because it’s not a round brush and it’s not rollers… It is BOTH! It also has colored heat sensors that are red when hot and blue when cool so you know when the hair is ready and looking smooth and volumous. Your blowdry has never been easier or looked this good.

Ammon's ABC's of Blowdrying

MATRIX Artistic Educator, Ammon Carver, shares his secrets for achieving a flawless blowdry. Thanks Ammon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tool Talk: Your Colorist's Favorite Brush!

I was so lucky to receive an amazing tool as a gift from my mentor, Matrix Artistic Director and hair color guru, Patrick McIvor. When Patrick told me he had his own tool, I was expecting something typical of a colorist… foils, a color bowl, tint brush, a weaving comb, or maybe some gloves. Nope! It was “your colorist’s favorite brush” from the Patrick McIvor Color Studio.
You may be wondering what a hair brush has to do with color, but this isn’t just any paddle brush. This brush creates more shine, less frizz, and even makes your color last longer. Your colorist’s favorite brush is the latest professional ionic ceramic polishing brush featuring Tourmaline Crystal Complex Pins. This technology combined with heat emits negative ions and dramatically reduces static electricity to provide the maximum hair polishing effect. Since this helps to close the hair’s cuticle, hair is healthier, shinier, and smoother. As if that isn’t enough, this brush even has the ability to neutralize odors such as smoke, especially when it is used with heat.
This brush does anything from detangling childrens hair at home to professionals using it to reduce dry time and damage on clients in the salon!
Helpful Hint: Patrick turns the brush vertical so that the handle is pointing toward the floor to detangle more easilly and uses it horizontally to dry smooth.

Cut-A-Thon for Brain Tumors

When Hair Elegance became the Spread The Love salon in Southern California, choosing a charity to support was easy. One of their stylists, Christy Lucas, lost her younger brother to a brain tumor and has since befriended Nick Woodward who has battled the same illness. Not only is Nick one of Christy and Hair Elegance’s most loyal customers, but the illness has brought them together to work as a support system for one another. It was amazing to see the community come together for this cut-a-thon.


We like to call ourselves psy-cosmetologists because most of the time what we do has the ability to transform people from the outside in.
These four women are in the process of rehabilitating their lives through a program at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission in Michigan. They will soon complete the program and re-enter the world as new and improved women. We felt that it was important to raise their confidence as they begin to look for jobs and surround themselves with positive people so Matrix got together with the Spread the Love Salon, Modern 3 Salon & Spa, and gave each of these women makeovers so that their outside can better reflect their new and improved inside. Take a look at this transformation.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Raising Money and Awareness for Domestic Violence

Salon Success Academy in Southern California lost one of their students to domestic violence and is making sure that it will never happen again. We were lucky enough to participate and Spread the Love at a beautiful charity event to raise money for The House of Ruth in honor of the student they lost. Take a look at this amazing event.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

More with Carlos!

This was another great technique from Matrix Master Educator, Carlos Ramirez! You can stop half way for an easy every day look... Or go crazy with it for the runway! This can be done on wet or dry hair and is great for any age!

Updo Techniques with Carlos Ramirez

We had so much fun with one of the Matrix Master Artistic Educators, Carlos Ramirez, at SalonCentric in SoCal! Here are some of the amazing updo techniques he showed us! You can use all the techniques in one updo or just incorporate your favorite techniques to customize your own design! Thanks Carlos!

Monday, January 16, 2012

How To: Matrix Total Results Miracle Treat 12

I was lucky enough to get Patrick McIvor as my mentor during the Spread The Love Tour. he is a very successful salon owner, colorist, teacher, family man, and a Matrix Artistic Director. We will be collaborating on many different things this year and this "How To" vlog for Matrix Total Results Miracle Treat 12 is the first. Enjoy!