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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Free Haircut Day at Daybreak Homeless Shelter in Joliet, IL

Watch how big if a difference we (with the support of Matrix and lots of help from local volunteers) made on these people just by giving them haircuts! :-)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tool Talk: Colorist's, Do You Use a Whirly Ball???

When I walked into Andreas Hogue’s 2012 Spread the Love Salon, I was surprised to see this contraption. This is a wonderful tool for all the colorists out there! Check out the video to learn more…

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneak Peek! A brand new blowdrying tool from BioIonic

We were lucky enough to meet the adorable Artistic Director for BioIonic, Vasi, who showed us a brand new tool that will make your blowdry so much easier! It hasn’t even come out yet and MATRIX was the first to know about this fabulous new technology. I don’t even know what to call this revolutionary styling tool because it’s not a round brush and it’s not rollers… It is BOTH! It also has colored heat sensors that are red when hot and blue when cool so you know when the hair is ready and looking smooth and volumous. Your blowdry has never been easier or looked this good.

Ammon's ABC's of Blowdrying

MATRIX Artistic Educator, Ammon Carver, shares his secrets for achieving a flawless blowdry. Thanks Ammon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tool Talk: Your Colorist's Favorite Brush!

I was so lucky to receive an amazing tool as a gift from my mentor, Matrix Artistic Director and hair color guru, Patrick McIvor. When Patrick told me he had his own tool, I was expecting something typical of a colorist… foils, a color bowl, tint brush, a weaving comb, or maybe some gloves. Nope! It was “your colorist’s favorite brush” from the Patrick McIvor Color Studio.
You may be wondering what a hair brush has to do with color, but this isn’t just any paddle brush. This brush creates more shine, less frizz, and even makes your color last longer. Your colorist’s favorite brush is the latest professional ionic ceramic polishing brush featuring Tourmaline Crystal Complex Pins. This technology combined with heat emits negative ions and dramatically reduces static electricity to provide the maximum hair polishing effect. Since this helps to close the hair’s cuticle, hair is healthier, shinier, and smoother. As if that isn’t enough, this brush even has the ability to neutralize odors such as smoke, especially when it is used with heat.
This brush does anything from detangling childrens hair at home to professionals using it to reduce dry time and damage on clients in the salon!
Helpful Hint: Patrick turns the brush vertical so that the handle is pointing toward the floor to detangle more easilly and uses it horizontally to dry smooth.

Cut-A-Thon for Brain Tumors

When Hair Elegance became the Spread The Love salon in Southern California, choosing a charity to support was easy. One of their stylists, Christy Lucas, lost her younger brother to a brain tumor and has since befriended Nick Woodward who has battled the same illness. Not only is Nick one of Christy and Hair Elegance’s most loyal customers, but the illness has brought them together to work as a support system for one another. It was amazing to see the community come together for this cut-a-thon.


We like to call ourselves psy-cosmetologists because most of the time what we do has the ability to transform people from the outside in.
These four women are in the process of rehabilitating their lives through a program at the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission in Michigan. They will soon complete the program and re-enter the world as new and improved women. We felt that it was important to raise their confidence as they begin to look for jobs and surround themselves with positive people so Matrix got together with the Spread the Love Salon, Modern 3 Salon & Spa, and gave each of these women makeovers so that their outside can better reflect their new and improved inside. Take a look at this transformation.