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Saturday, September 10, 2011


As a school project, my classmates and I participated in the Bumble and Bumble Challenge... we had to choose 3 looks and re-create each of them without removing any hair and make-up products between looks. We started with a blank face and product-free hair, then built up to each look. My group and I decided to turn me into Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian (pretty much my dream come true). I think it turned out pretty good... thanks to my stylists/classmates, Lauren Coil, Kelly Broeren, and Inna Mitchell.



First look: Khloe
To re-create this look: Apply Bumble and Bumble Leave-In Conditioner to ends of hair and De-Frizz throughout. Then dry straight using a flat brush section-by-section. Touch up with Brilliantine and a flat iron where necessary.
Then apply Benefit Luminescent Concealer lightly over face. We applied Bare Minerals eye shadow in B.F.F over entire eyelid and used Addiction black eyeliner to thinly line eyes. We finished the look with MAC Glam lipgloss.

Second look: Kim
To re-create this look: Generously apply Bumble and Bumble Prep through hair from base to ends then apply De-Frizz from base to mid-strand. Brush the top-half of hair into a ponytail in the middle of the crown using a Denman (flat) brush. Back-comb heavily and begin forming hair, constantly smooth with Grooming Cream and the Denman brush. Finish with Spray de Mode for shine and hold. 
Apply Bare Mineral Warmth lightly on entire face, focusing more on cheek bones. Then, lightly brush Bare Minerals blush in Secret over cheeks. Apply MAC Black Tied eyeshadow heavily in the creases and outer corner of eyelid. Apply several layers of black mascara; we layered Maybeline Colossal Express and Falsies mascara. We completed Kim with Pretty Easy MAC lipstick.

Third Look: Kourtney Kardashian
To re-create this look: Take previous hair style out until you get beck to the original ponytail. Use Bumble and Bumble Prep to brush out ponytail. Apply Leave-In to parts that are heavily back-combed in order to make brushing easier. Smooth and separate 1-inch sections of hair using De-frizz. Fold and pin sections as seen in picture to create bun; apply Brilliantine and Spray de Mode as you section for hold and shine. If you don't have a widow's peak, make one with dark brown eyeshadow just like we did.

Using a kabuki brush, apply MAC Studio Fix (we used NW30) over entire face evenly. Darken eyebrows using Bare Minerals Brunette brow kit. We applied Addiction NV eyeliner heavily to top and bottom, getting thicker as you approach outside of eye. Use false eyelashes to get glamorous like Kourt, then carefully apply bright red lipstick. 



  1. this is to DIE for! wow!! you are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, Kim...Now that I have this great new hairstyle, you suggested...I look like Kris Jenner!