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Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet the Blogger

Thanks for checking out my Beauty Blog! I hope you enjoy all my glitzy, glamorous news, advice, fun facts, and tips! Just in case you want to know who all this is coming from, here is a little bit about me:
I am currently a cosmetology student living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I also graduated from The University of Arizona with a Journalism degree. I am from Illinois, but I love living in the desert. I am on a quest to put both my educational experiences together and become a beauty journalist. I love to keep up with trends and I dream of traveling the world and taking beauty tips from every culture.
I’m a Gemini, so I have a slightly split personality. I am sweet; but also sassy and sarcastic. I love good ol’ Mother Nature, but can’t live without my iphone. I’m addicted to exercise…and junk food.
In my world, it is so important to look amazing and help make other people gorgeous. Your appearance is something you can change whenever you want and it says so much about who you are. Yes, I know beauty is only skin deep. However, I think when you look and feel beautiful, everything else in your life improves... that is why this industry is so amazing!


  1. Love it! Do my hair! I need a new look! Be Fabulous! (You already are!)


  2. Love this fauxy fox. Keep on pushin. Thx for making my lady's hair look so fine!

  3. Natalie you are an inspiration! keep up the GREAT work!