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Monday, November 7, 2011

El Dia De Los Muertos

I was surprised to see how popular the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, was this year. Traditionally, women paint their faces white and decorate to look like skulls. I decided to take on the challenge, but make it a little less intense than the traditional Dia de los Muertos makeup. I skipped the white face and the painted chin and nose, but really exaggerated the eyes. I also made my own hair accessory with black lace, two large red roses and a bedazzled skull clip.

The girl to my left did an amazing job with more of the traditional makeup and used blue instead of red

-Use a hot glue gun to make hair accessory, it is a lot less time consuming than sewing, and works just as well
-Use water based face makeup instead of oil or cream based because it dries then does not smudge or rub off on anything

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