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Friday, April 13, 2012

Can you guess which side of my hair I used Matrix Total Results Silk Wonder on?

It was a little humid out today in Baltimore so I needed something quick and easy to conquer my frizz! I worked a little bit of Matrix’s Total Results Miracle product, Wonder Sleek, gradually from my ends to my mid-strand and even smoothed a little over the top of my head. I only got the chance to put it on one side of my part when I caught myself in the mirror and realized how big of a difference Wonder Sleek made compared to the side where I had not yet applied it! It made my hair shiny, smooth, and made my color look richer and more vibrant. It also made my hair feel super soft and not greasy at all!
I had someone snap a picture before I put any on the other side so I could show everyone how much better that one side looked! Can you tell which side got the royal sleek treatment and which side was still looking thirsty?

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