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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wiggin' Out For The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society provides wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, whose side effects cause hair loss. The wigs are donated to the Society from past survivors, wig stores, Pantene, and anyone who can donate a wig. These wigs are held at distribution centers where a volunteer trained professional fits each patient with a wig. These centers don’t have the capabilities to clean and style the wigs or distribute them. This is where All About U Salon stepped up and helped out! They cleaned, dryed, and styled 145 wigs in one day; talk about team work! These lovely ladies put their hearts and souls into making these patients feel better about themselves. The American Cancer Society said they have to wait till a local school could clean and prepare the wigs once a school term. All About U made it possible for them to distribute more wigs quickly. Patients can now choose from a much wider selection of wigs than on the Wall of Hope. Talk to your local American Cancer Society volunteer to see how you can help out. Their programs such as, look good feel better, knots of love, and the wig distribution center run entirely on volunteer work so help is always needed.

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